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Multi-Generations in the Workplace

Workforce Development Training and Customized Training Programs are experiencing more interest in the topic of Generational Diversity.

Categories & Groups of primary generation groups in


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New Year Ideas

Use the next week or so to relax. You can easily start working on improving your organization skills and management capability by using the vast resources of the internet. Slideshare and other presentation platforms can provide you with information to enhance your personal and organization management for 2016.

Presentations A

Presentations are everywhere!

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Small Community Meeting on Development

Community Meeting to Discuss a Development Issue

Community Meeting to Discuss a Development Issue

As development expands into suburban and rural areas there is a concern about traffic and even availability and cost of public utilities. Meetings are held to discuss specific plans that were based on master plans completed before they moved to their condo, apartment or single family housing development. Homeowners association were created that do not always reflect the opinion or interest of the resident. Community and economic development suffers because of the lack of communication.

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Project Development for Innovation in Government

Innovation in government can lead to economic and workforce development collaboration..

The IDB Project is funded by a grant from the State of Ohio’s Local Government Innovation Fund Grant (LGIF) Program, which was given to Sourcing Office, a statewide council of governments based in Cleveland, Ohio, to pilot test the IDB approach in Butler County, Ohio. The Butler County Port Authority and Butler County Government played a significant role in organizing local support for the project.

The overall purpose of the project is to study the feasibility of the integrated development budget as a future tool to strengthen financing of economic and community development projects. The IDB approach is designed to provide a fuller accounting of all public investments in economic and community development in terms of organizational operating budgets, economic development incentives, and development-related infrastructure and services, and develop new integrated strategies that increase the return on investment (ROI) for Butler County and its communities.


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